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Moscow State University
Languages of studies: Russian, English
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Lomonosov Moscow State University
Lomonosov Moscow State University is one of the oldest Russian institutions of higher education, Moscow University was established in 1755. Moscow State University is a major traditional educational institution in Russia, it offers training in almost all branches of modern science and humanities. Its undergraduates may choose one of 128 qualifications in its 39 faculties, while post-graduate students may specialize in 18 branches of science and humanities and in 168 different areas. The total number of MSU students exceeds 40,000. Various kinds of academic courses and research work are conducted at MSU Museums, affiliated subdivisions in various locations in Russia, on board scientific ships etc.
Preparatory courses
Russian language course
Pre-University Programme

Duration 9 month. Tuition fee $1600
This programme is designed for those who wish to enter one of the faculties at the MSU or to prepare themselves for undergraduate or postgraduate studies. The programme includes:
  • General Russian Language Course;
  • Russian for Academic Purposes;
Bahelor's programmes
Medical courses
Duration 5 years. Tuition fee $/per year
General Medicine (ENG) $3400
General Medicine (ENG) $2600
Pharmacy (ENG) $4400
Pharmacy (ENG) $3450
Dentistry (RUS) $6700
Dentistry (RUS) $2000
Preparatory course (RUS) $1500
Engineering courses
Duration 5 years. Tuition fee $/per year
Applied Mechanics (ENG, RUS) $1900
Biotechnology (ENG) $2100
Computer Engineering (ENG) $1900
Civil Engineering (ENG) $1900
Chemical Engineering (ENG) $1900
Electrical Engineering (ENG) $1900
Electromechanics (ENG) $1900
Material Science (ENG) $1900
Mechanical Engineering (ENG) $2300
Micro&Nanosystems tech (ENG) $2300
Oil and Gas Engineering (ENG) $2900
Telecommunications & Radio (ENG) $2500
    Master's programmes
    Aviation courses
    Duration 4 years. Tuition fee $/per year
    Aircraft (ENG, RUS) $3500
    Air transport (RUS) $3500
    Aviation and space rocket tech (RUS) $3500
    Automation&Computer (ENG, RUS) $3500
    Aircraft Engines (ENG, RUS) $3500
    Airplanes and Helicopters (RUS) $3500
    Avionics (ENG, RUS) $3500
    Propulsion Engineering (RUS) $3500
    Spacecraft Engineering (RUS) $3500
    Technologies of Aircraft Manufac.(RUS) $3500
    Economics, Business & Management courses
    Duration 4 years. Tuition fee $/per year
    Business and Trade (RUS) $1900
    Economics (RUS) $1900
    Finance and Banking (RUS) $1900
    International business (RUS) $3000
    International relations (RUS) $2400
    Law (RUS) $1700
    Marketing (RUS) $1900
    Management (RUS) $1700
    Real Estate Management (RUS) $2700
      Art and Culture courses
      Duration 4 years. Tuition fee $/per year

      Acting art (RUS) $1932
      Art of Concert Performance (RUS) $1932
      Arts and Humanities (RUS) $1932
      Choreographic art (RUS) $1932
      Design / Graphic Arts (RUS) $1932
      Folk art culture science (RUS) $1932
      Musical art of variety art (RUS) $1932
      Publishing (RUS)$1656
      Sculpture (RUS)$1932
      Socio-cultural activities (RUS) $1932
      Sound production (RUS) $1932
      Technology of decoration (RUS) $1932
      Vocal art (RUS) $1932
        Ph.D's programmes
        Agriculture and Environmental courses
        Duration 3 years. Tuition fee $/per year
        Agronomy (RUS) $1600
        Ecology (RUS) $2000
        Agrochemistry and soil science (RUS) $1500
        Agronomy Animal husbandry (RUS) $1500
        Biotechnology (RUS) $1500
        Environmental studies (RUS) $1500
        Gardening Horticulture (RUS) $1500
        Land planning and cadastres (RUS) $1500
        Landscape architecture (RUS) $1500
        Lomonosov Moscow State University welcomes all foreign students. If you want to learn more about our education programs, admission procedure, or have other questions please contact us!

        Our admission officer is available for voice/video call and chat with you:
        Admission procedure
        Submit Application on-line
        Admission manager will contact you to choose the best option at relevant university. You will receive Admission letter in 1-2 days.
        Sign Agreement and pay Registration fee $250
        Admission manager will send you Agreement and Invoice for 250 US Dollars (includes Invitation cost and courier charges to deliver it to you). You can pay Online, via Bank transfer or by Western Union. You must sign Agreement and send PDF copy to us.
        Wait for Official Invitation
        Invitation for study visa will be issued and send to you by courier. Issuing time: 40 days for Russian University, 10 days for Ukrainian university.
        Apply for a Student Visa
        Apply for a visa at nearest Russian/Ukrainian/Belarus Embassy. Legalize your Educational documents at Embassy. Pay Visa fee at Embassy.
        Pay the fees
        After you get visa you have to pay: Admission fee $700, Airport pick up $100-200, Tuition fee and Hostel fee for 1 year (According to the Agreement).
        Prepare your flight
        EEUA representive will assist you to buy your ticket to Moscow / Kiev / Minsk. Yoou send us copy of your ticket in 5 days before arrival.
        We will inform Border Police about your arrival and our representative will meet you in airport and transfer you to university.
        Registration at University
        and final payment
        EEUA Local manager will register you at University and check you in at hostel (dormitory). EEUA Local manager will support you during all period of study.
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        Why study at
        Lomonosov Moscow State University
        The oldest and most famous Russian University
        Study in the first Russian University with rish history, founded in 1755 on the initiative of Mikhail Lomonosov, an outstanding scientist.
        Affordable tuition fee
        Became a student of preparatory course anв start to speak fluent Russian for one year
        Accommodation $500 a year
        Moscow State University are a set of modern campuses for students, PhD students and academic staff
        Multicaltural family and exchange
        10 000 foreign students, graduate students, interns from 90 countries annually visit Moscow State University for the purpose of training and participation in joint scientific programs.
        Camous life
        Join our rich campus life, develop their talents in various clubs and creative groups, take part in numerous cultural events, visit museums and exhibitions.
        Picturescue location
        Study the capital of Russia, famous for its sightseeing and historical places and cultural life.
        Lomonosov Moscow State University
        Join our multinational campus! Find new friends!
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