National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute"
Languages of studies: Russian, English
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National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute"
National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute" is one of the main technical universities in Russia in the field of Power Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Radio Engineering and Electronics, Informatics and Computer Science, founded in 1930. The area of modern power engineering includes actually power engineering (hydropower, wind power, thermal, nuclear, solar and space power, etc.), electrical equipment, sciences about materials, electronics, classical and applied physics, radio engineering and communication, computer systems, management and economics in power engineering. All these spheres and other directions of the special training are available in MPEI for foreign undergraduate and graduate students.
Preparatory Course
Preparatory Course for International Students
(Russian Language)
Duration: 1 year
Tuition fee: 2000 USD

Bachelor's Degree
Technical Sciences
Instrumentation 3385 USD
Civil Engineering 3385 USD
Applied Mechanics 3385 USD
Radio Engineering 3385 USD
Mechatronics and Robotics 3385 USD
Power Engineering Machinery 3385 USD
Control in Engineering Systems 3385 USD
Applied Mathematics and Informatics 3108 USD
Informatics and Computer Engineering 3385 USD
Bioengineering Systems & Technologies3385USD
Nuclear Power Engin. & Thermophysics 4492 USD
Thermal Power Engin. & Heat Engin. 3385 USD
Electrical Power & Electrical Engineering3385USD
Design 5969 USD
Economics 3108 USD
Linguistics 3108 USD
Management 3108 USD
Applied Informatics 3385 USD
Information Security 3385 USD
Business Informatics 3108 USD
Quality Management 3385 USD
Advertising and Public Relations 3385 USD

Master's Degree
Technical Sciences
Instrumentation 3 692 USD
Radio Engineering 3 692 USD
Applied Mechanics 3 692 USD
Mechanical Engineering 3 692 USD
Mechatronics and Robotics 3 692 USD
Power Engineering Machinery 3 692 USD
Control in Engineering Systems 3 692 USD
Electronics and Nano-Electronics 3 692 USD
Nuclear Power Engin. and t-physics 4 667 USD
Bioengin. Systems and Technologies 3 692 USD
Applied Mathematics and Informatics 3446 USD
Thermal Power and Heat Engineering 3 692 USD
Informatics and Computer Engineering 3 692 USD
Electrical Power and Elect. Engineering 3 692 USD
Humanities and Computer Sciences
Design 6492 USD
Economics 3446 USD
Management 3 446 USD
Security 3 692 USD
Advertising and Public Relations 3 692 USD
PHD Degree
Technical Sciences
Mechanical Engineering 4 062 USD
Mathematics and Mechanics 4 000 USD
Control in Engineering Systems 4 062 USD
Computer science and Informatics 4 000 USD
Electrical and Thermal Engineering 4 062 USD
Informatics and Computer Engineering 4 062 USD
Physical and Engineering Science and Technologies 4 892 USD
Electronics, Radio Engineering and Communication Systems 4 062 USD
Humanities and Natural Sciences
Economics 4000 USD
Earth Science 4 062 USD
Material Science 4 062 USD
Chemical Science 4 062 USD
Technosphere Safety 4 062 USD
Physics and Astronomy 4 062 USD
Nuclear, Thermal and Renewable Energy and Associated Technologies 4 892 USD
Photonics, Instrumentation, Optical and Bioengineering Systems and Technologies 4 062 USD

National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute" welcomes all foreign students. If you want to learn more about our education programs, admission procedure, or have other questions please contact us!

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National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute"
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National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute"
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