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Ural Federal University
Ural Federal University is one of the leading & largest universities in Russia, ranked 351st in the QS World University Rankings. Established in 1920, UrFU is an international research & education hub in the heart of Eurasia! UrFU offers 450+ bachelor's, master's & PhD programs in Russian and English. UrFU has a unique location - in the city of Ekaterinburg situated on the border between Europe & Asia. Ekaterinburg is the 4th largest city in Russia, administrative, business, scientific & cultural capital of the Ural region. UrFU is home for 36 000 students from 101 countries and has an excellent infrastructure: 16 dormitories, 72 research excellence centers, 164 scientific labs (12 international labs), 19 sport facilities.
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Bachelor's Programmes
A discount on tuition fees is valid for applicants who earn 70 and more points at 2 entrance exams.
Economics, Business & Management courses
Duration 4 years. Tuition fee $/per year

  • International Economics and Business (EPAS Accredited) (ENG, RUS) $4800 ($4800 with discount)
  • Public Policy and Administration (ENG, RUS) $2430 ($2400 with discount)
  • Applied Economics and Finance (RUS) $2940 ($2790 with discount)
  • Human Resource Management (RUS) $2940 ($2790 with discount)
  • Business Informatics (RUS) $3060 ($2900 with discount)
  • Marketing and Logistics in Commerce (RUS) $2790 ($2630 with discount)
  • Economic Security (RUS) $3060 ($2900 with discount)
  • International and Corporate Management (RUS) $3060 ($2900 with discount)
  • Industrial Management and Real Estate Investment Business (RUS) $2790 ($2630 with discount)
  • Customs Affairs (RUS) $3060 ($2900 with discount)

Natural Sciences and Mathematics courses
Duration 4 years. Tuition fee $/per year

  • Mathematics (RUS) $2420 ($2400 with discount)
  • Mathematics and Computer Sciences (RUS) $2420 ($2400 with discount)
  • Software Products Development (RUS) $2420 ($2400 with discount)
  • Mathematical Support and Administration of Information Systems (RUS) $2420 ($2400 with discount)
  • Applied Mathematics and Physics (RUS) $2790 ($2630 with discount)
  • Physics (RUS) $2790 ($2630 with discount)
  • Chemistry (RUS) $2790 ($2630 with discount)
  • Chemical Materials Science (RUS) $2790 ($2630 with discount)
  • Ecology (RUS) $2790 ($2630 with discount)
  • Biology (RUS) $2790 ($2630 with discount)
Engineering and Technology courses
Duration 4 years. Tuition fee $/per year

  • Mechanical Engineering (RUS) $2790 ($2150 with discount)
  • Design and technological support for machine-building industries (RUS) $3400 ($2790 with discount)
  • Technological Machinery and Equipment (RUS) $2790 ($2150 with discount)
  • Automation of Technological and Production Processes (RUS) $2940 ($2790 with discount)
  • Nanotechnologies and Microsystems Engineering (RUS) $3400 ($2790 with discount)
  • Nuclear Physics and Technologies (RUS) $3400 ($2790 with discount)
  • Software Engineering (RUS) $2790 ($2150 with discount)
  • Computer Systems Security (RUS) $2940 ($2790 with discount)
  • Computer Science and Computer Engineering (RUS) $2940 ($2790 with discount)
  • Heat Power Engineering (RUS) $2940 ($2790 with discount)
  • Biotechnology (RUS) $2940 ($2790 with discount)
  • Bioengineering Systems and Technologies (RUS) $2940 ($2790 with discount)
  • Mechatronics and Robotics (RUS) $2940 ($2790 with discount)
Arts and Humanities courses
Duration 4 years. Tuition fee $/per year

  • Modern Foreign Languages and Literature (RUS) $2430 ($2410 with discount)
  • Russian Language and Literature for International Students (RUS) $2430 ($2410 with discount)
  • Modern Translation Studies (RUS) $2790 ($2640 with discount)
  • Translation, Interpretation and Cross-cultural Communication (RUS) $2790 ($2640 with discount)
  • Linguistics in the Field of Business and Professional Communications and Information Technology (RUS) $2790 ($2640 with discount)
  • Intelligent Systems in Arts and Humanities (RUS) $2430 ($2410 with discount)
  • History (RUS) $2430 ($2410 with discount)
  • Anthropology and Ethnology (RUS) $2430 ($2410 with discount)
  • Philosophy (RUS) $2430 ($2410 with discount)
  • Design (RUS) $4820 ($3720 with discount)
  • Cultural Studies (RUS) $2430 ($2410 with discount)
Specialist's Programmes in Russian
A discount on tuition fees is valid for applicants who earn 70 and more points at 2 entrance exams.
Medicine and Life Sciences courses
Duration 5-6 years. Tuition fee $/per year

  • Medical Biochemistry (6 years) (RUS) $3400 ($2790 with discount)
  • Medical Biophysics (6 years) (RUS) $3400 ($2790 with discount)
  • Digital Medicine and Bioinformatics (6 years) (RUS) $3400 ($2790 with discount)
  • Clynical Psychology (5-6 years) (RUS) $2790 ($2630 with discount)
  • Psychology of Occupational Activity (5 years) (RUS) $2420 ($2400 with discount)
  • Psychology (Bachelor's Program, 4 years) (RUS) $2790 ($2630 with discount)
Master's Programmes in English
A discount on tuition fees is valid for applicants who earn 40 and more points at the entrance test.
Natural Sciences courses
Duration 2 years. Tuition fee $/per year

  • Cognitive Neurosciences (ENG) $3000 ($2550 with discount)
  • Biodiversity in a Changing World (ENG) $3440 ($2550 with discount)
Engineering and Technology courses
Duration 2 years. Tuition fee $/per year

  • Food Biotechnology (ENG) $3440 ($3330 with discount)
  • Data Science (ENG) $3000 ($3330 with discount)
  • IT Innovations in Business (ENG) $3440 ($2550 with discount)
  • Technological Machinery and Equipment (ENG) $3440 ($2550 with discount)
Economics, Business & Management courses
Duration 2 years. Tuition fee $/per year

  • International Management (ENG) $3000 ($2720 with discount)
  • International Human Resource Management (ENG) $3000 ($2460 with discount)
  • International Trade and Entrepreneurship (ENG) $3000 ($2550 with discount)
  • Sustainable Solid Waste Management (ENG) $3000 ($2460 with discount)
Humanities courses
Duration 2 years. Tuition fee $/per year

  • PR & Advertising in International Communications (ENG) $3000 ($2550 with discount)
  • Political Philosophy (ENG) $3000 ($2030 with discount)
  • Preventology in Youth Environment (ENG) $3000 ($2110 with discount)
Sport Studies
Duration 2 years. Tuition fee $/per year

  • High Performance Sport (ENG) $4190 ($3210 with discount)
PhD Programmes in English
A discount on tuition fees is valid for applicants who earn 120 and more points at 2 entrance exams.
Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Duration 4 years. Tuition fee $/per year

  • Mathematical Logic, Algebra, and Theory of Numbers (ENG) $2980 ($2060 with discount)
  • Discrete Mathematics and Mathematical Cybernetics (ENG) $2980 ($2060 with discount)
  • Physics of Magnetic Phenomena (ENG) $3120 ($2180 with discount)
  • Condensed Matter Physics (ENG) $3120 ($2180 with discount)
  • Astrometry and Celestial Mechanics (ENG) $3120 ($2180 with discount)
  • Thermal physics and theoretical heat engineering (ENG) $3120 ($2180 with discount)
  • Devices and methods of experimental physics (ENG) $3120 ($2180 with discount)
  • Organic Chemistry (ENG) $3120 ($2180 with discount)
  • Physical Chemistry (ENG) $3120 ($2180 with discount)
  • High-molecular Compounds (ENG) $3120 ($2180 with discount)
  • Analytical Chemistry (ENG) $3120 ($2180 with discount)
  • Biosciences - Physiology (ENG) $3120 ($2180 with discount)
Engineering and Technical Sciences
Duration 4 years. Tuition fee $/per year

  • Computer and Information Sciences (ENG) $2980 ($2060 with discount)
  • Computer Science and Computer Facilities (ENG) $2980 ($2060 with discount)
  • Architecture (ENG) $2980 ($2060 with discount)
  • Civil Engineering Technology (ENG) $2980 ($2060 with discount)
  • Electrical and Heat-power Engineering (ENG) $2980 ($2060 with discount)
  • Nuclear, Thermal and Renewable Energy and Related Technologies (ENG) $2980 ($2060 with discount)
  • Mechanical Engineering (ENG) $2980 ($2060 with discount)
  • Chemical Technology (ENG) $2980 ($2060 with discount)
  • Materials Technology (ENG) $2980 ($2060 with discount)
  • Management in Technical Systems (ENG) $2980 ($2060 with discount)
Social Sciences and Humanities
Duration 3 years. Tuition fee $/per year

  • Psychological Sciences (ENG) approx. $2980 ($2060 with discount)
  • Economics (ENG) approx. $2980 ($2060 with discount)
  • Sociological sciences (ENG) approx. $2980 ($2060 with discount)
  • Political sciences and area studies (ENG) approx. $2980 ($2060 with discount)
  • Linguistics and Literary Studies (ENG) approx. $2980 ($2060 with discount)
  • History and Archeology (ENG) approx. $2980 ($2060 with discount)
  • Philosophy, Ethics and Religious Studies (ENG) approx. $2980 ($2060 with discount)
  • Art studies (ENG) approx. $3600 ($2460 with discount)
  • Cultural studies (ENG) approx. $3600 ($2460 with discount)
Pre-university Preparatory Programmes
Preparatory Department for Foreign Students
(Russian Language courses)

Duration 9 months. Tuition fee $1800

UrFU Preparatory Department offers 2 types of programs for different purposes:
1. RUSSIAN AS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE: Program designed for developing competencies in Russian language & culture from introductory to advanced levels.
2. FOUNDATION YEAR: Program designed for admission to a degree program in Russian. It includes intensive Russian language courses and general education courses. In addition, there will be specific subjects on the specialty. Training is conducted in one of five profiles: engineering and technologies, natural science, medicine and biology, humanities, and economics.

After the course, you may take the internationally recognized Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL).

Application and enrollment for both programs - throughout the academic year.
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Procedimiento de admisión
Online registration
It's necessary to register on the online platform https://apply.urfu.ru and fill out the registration form.

Submission of documents
After approval of the application, upload the required documents.
Waiting for examination of documents
Examination of documents takes a certain amount of time. After a positive opinion from the expert, the dates of the entrance exams will be set.
Passing entrance examinations
To study on undergraduate programs, you must pass two exams: an exam in the Russian language and an exam in a specialty. For master's degree programs - an interview in Russian or English.
Obtaining an invitation for a visa
In case of successful passing of the entrance examinations, the applicant will be sent an invitation to apply for a visa (subject to open borders)
After obtaining a visa, it is necessary to notify the university of the planned arrival date, as well as fill out a special form on the university's website so that the Buddy team can meet the student and accompany him to the university or hostel.
It is necessary to register at the university, pay the visa fee, as well as the cost of tuition and living under the contract, provide medical insurance
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Why Ural Federal University?
UrFU offers 450+ programs of all levels in Russian and English taught by top-notch Russian and foreign professors
UrFU has different scholarship opportunities and tuition fee discounts
14 international-oriented Master's programs in English, 23 international-oriented PhD programs in English
Highest employment rate: 85% of UrFU graduates find a job in Russia or abroad within 6 first months after graduation
UrFU is a multicultural family with 4300+ international students from 101 countries
Safe & comfortable life for foreign students: 16 dorms in the city center; Adaptation Center for international students; Buddy-team
Ural Federal University
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