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Location: Cluj-Napoca, România
Languages of studies: English, German, French, Romanian and Hungarian
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Babeș-Bolyai University
Babeş-Bolyai University is a dynamic, but also a traditional institution, with deep roots in Central Europe and strong international academic ties. Located in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, a European province with a complex history, Babeş-Bolyai University is the crowning achievement of a long series of attempts to establish here a higher education institution. It is the largest Romanian university (with more than 49.000 students and 3.000 faculty staff), situated at the confluence of the Eastern and Western cultures. The University lays considerable stress on foreign language skills and on educational programmes in widely spoken languages, therefore it provides a wide range of internationally competitive BA, MA and Ph.D. programmes in English, German or French.
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Preparatory course
Romanian language preparatory year
Duration: October-June.
Tuition fee 2115 Eur

This programme is designed for those candidates who are not familiar with the Romanian language and opt to follow a study program (undergraduate, master or PhD level) at Babeș-Bolyai University or other university in Romania, a program that is available only in Romanian.

Structure of the course:
  • 1st semester - General Romanian Language Course.
  • 2nd semester - Romanian for Academic Purposes (specific terminology on the chosen field)
Bachelor's Programs
Social Sciences courses
Duration 3 years
Tuition fee $/per year

  • Finances and Banks (EN) €3000
  • Management (EN) €3000
  • Accounting and Business
  • Data Processing (EN, FR) €3000
  • International Business and Economics (EN) €3000
  • International Relations and European Studies (EN, DE) €3000
  • Business Administration (EN, RO) €3000
  • Business Administration in Hospitality Services (EN, RO) €3000
  • Political Sciences (EN) €4000
  • Journalism (EN, DE) €4000
  • Public Health Services and Policies (EN) €5500
  • Leadership in the Public Sector (EN) €4000
Sciences and Sports courses
Duration 3 years
Tuition fee $/per year

  • Computer Science (EN) €5000
  • Mathematics for Computer Science (EN, RO) €5000
  • Physics (RO) €2700
  • Chemistry (RO) €2700
  • Environmental Science (RO) €2700
  • Physical and Sports Education (RO) €3000
  • Sport and Motor Performance (RO) €3000
Engineering courses
Duration 4 years
Tuition fee Eur/per year

  • Engineering and Information Technology of Chemical and Biochemical Processes (RO) €2700
  • Biochemical Engineering (RO) €2700
  • Food Chemistry and Biochemical Technologies (RO) €2700
  • Chemistry and Engineering of Organic Substances, Petrochemistry and Carbochemistry (RO) €2700
  • Engineering of Inorganic Substances and Environmental Protection (RO) €2700
  • Science and Engineering of Oxide Materials and Nanomaterials (RO) €2700
  • Environmental Engineering (RO) €2700
  • Mechanical Engineering (RO) €2400
  • Electromechanics (RO) €2400
  • Electrical Engineering and Applied Computing (RO) €2400
  • Industrial Computer Science (RO) €2400
Humanities courses
Duration 3 years
Tuition fee $/per year

  • Security Studies (EN) €2200
  • English and Romanian/Hungarian/Modern Language and Literature/Latin /Ancient Greek /Hebrew /Comparative Universal Literature (EN and RO) €3200
  • Applied Modern Languages (EN and RO + a 2nd modern language) €3200
  • Pastoral Orthodox Theology (RO) €2200
  • Didactic Orthodox Theology (RO) €2200
  • Orthodox Theology – Social Work (RO) €2200
  • Sacred Art (RO) €2200
Master's Programs
International Relations and European Studies, Economics and Business courses
Duration 2 years
Tuition fee $/per year

  • Leadership and Communication in International Organizations (RO) €2200
  • Security Management in Contemporary Society (RO) €2200
  • Management of Business Development (EN) €3000
  • International Business Management (EN) €3000
  • Accounting and Organizations (EN) €3000
  • Business Modeling and Distributed Computing (EN) €3000
  • Comparative European Political Studies (FR) €3000
  • Transatlantic Studies (EN) €3000
  • Cultural Diplomacy and International Relations (EN) €3000
  • International Relations, Foreign Policy and Crisis Management (EN) €3000
  • International Business Administration (EN) €3000
  • Business Administration in Hospitality and International Tourism (EN) €3000
  • Business Administration (RO) €3000
  • Hotel Management (RO) €3000
Law, Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences courses
Duration 2 years
Tuition fee $/per year
  • International and Comparative Business Law (1 year, EN) €2500
  • Public Administration (EN) €4500
  • Conflict Analysis and Management (EN) €4500
  • Management of Public and Nonprofit Institutions (EN) €4500
  • Science, Technology and Innovation in Public Governance (EN) €4500
  • Master of Public Health (EN) €5500
  • Research Design and Data Analysis in Social Sciences (EN) €4500
  • International Development (EN) €4500
  • Media Communication (EN) €4500
  • Public Relations and Advertising (EN) €4500
  • Advertising and Public Relations (EN and DE) €4500
  • Digital Media and Games Studies (EN) €4500
Sciences courses
Duration 2 years
Tuition fee $/per year
  • Advanced Mathematics (EN) €5000
  • High Performance Computing and Big Data Analysis (EN) €5000
  • Software Engineering (EN) €5000
  • Applied Computational Intelligence (EN) €5000
  • Databases (RO) €5000
  • Internet Distributed Systems (RO) €5000
  • Computational Physics (EN) €2700
  • Solid State Physics (EN) €2700
  • Advanced Chemistry (RO and EN) €2700
  • Forensic Chemistry (RO) €2700
  • Molecular Modelling in Chemistry and Biochemistry (EN) €2700
  • Clinical Chemistry (RO) €2700
  • Environment Management and Protection (RO) €2700
  • Risk Assessment and Environment Safety (RO) €2700
  • Geomatics (RO) €2700
Engineering courses
Duration 2 years
Tuition fee $/per year
  • Advanced Process Chemical Engineering (EN) €2700
  • Materials Engineering and Environmental Protection (RO) €2700
  • Organic and Biochemical Processes Engineering (RO) €2700
  • Food Processing and Control (RO) €2700
  • Sustainable Development and Environment Management (EN) €2700
  • Design and Testing of Mechanical Systems (RO) €2700
  • Advanced Electromechanical Systems (RO) €2700
Humanities courses
Duration 2 years
Tuition fee $/per year
  • Current Orientations in Linguistics (EN and FR) €3300
  • Literature and Civilisation – Intercultural Dialogue in the Francophone Space (FR) €3300
  • British Cultural Studies (EN) €3300
  • Irish Studies (EN) €3300
  • Sacred Art – Conservation, Restoration and Creation of Cultural Goods (RO) €2200
  • Bioethics – Moral, Ethics and Deontology (RO) €2200
  • History of Religions. Geopolitics of Monotheistic Religions (Christianity, Judaism, Islam) (RO) €2200
  • Pastoral Counselling and Psychosocial Work (RO) €2200
PhD's Programs
Business, IR, Economics
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Economics and International Affairs
  • Finance Management
  • Marketing
  • Adminitrative Science
  • Communication
  • International Relations and European Studies
  • Biology
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Geography
  • Geology
  • Mathematics
  • Cybernetics and Statistics
  • Computer Science
  • Mechanical Engineering Physics
  • Political Sciences
  • Law
  • History
  • Education Sciences
  • Education and Sport
  • Philology Philosophy
  • Cinematography and Media
  • Sport and Physical Education Science
  • Physical
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Theatre and Performing Arts
  • Theology
Babeș-Bolyai University welcomes all foreign students. If you want to learn more about our education programs, admission procedure, or have other questions please contact us!

Our admission officer is available for voice/video call and chat with you:
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Admission Procedure
Submit application on-line
Send your complete application file online. The admission officer will review the admission documents and will contact you. More details regarding the requested documents here:
Admission procedure for international students.pdf (
Registration and verification of the application file.
The complete application file is processed by the university and after being accepted, the university will send it to the Ministry of National Education for evaluation.
Receive the Acceptance Letter
The university will inform you about the acceptance and will send the Acceptance Letter to you in approximately 30-40 days.
Confirm and pay the tuition fee
You will need to send an email of confirmation including the receipt attesting the payment of the tuition fee for the 1st academic year.
Apply for a student visa
You will need to contact the closest Romanian authority and search for information concerning the study visa application. Prepare your application file, pay fees and apply for visa
Inform the university and apply for accommodation.
After being granted a visa, you need to inform the university regarding your date or arrival and request for accommodation (if needed).
Enrol at the faculty.
After arriving to Cluj, you will need to follow the procedure of enrolment at the faculty, submit the original study documents and the proof of tuition fees payment for the first academic year.
Why study at
Babeș-Bolyai University ?

The oldest and most international university in Romania
Become a student at Babeș-Bolyai University with the longest academic tradition, and become part of the most international student community.
High quality Education and Research
Study at our four-star university (ranked after a QS Star evaluation) and obtain a degree that is internationally recognized.
Wide range of multidisciplinary degree programmes
Choose one of the 42 Bachelor's programmes (14 fully in English) or one of the 56 Master's programmes (33 fully in English) available for international students or opt for the Romanian Language Preparatory Year
Affordable cost of living
Explore the student life of the modern, vivid city of Cluj-Napoca, former youth capital of Europe, considered a very safe city with affordable living costs (student accommodation from 40 euro/month)
Tuition fees for student budget
Our tuition fees are between the lowest in Europe, starting from 2200 euro/year to 5500 euro /year
No admission exam
The admission procedure is based on the submission of an application file, there is no admission exam
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