Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov
Country: Russia
Langages of study: Russian, English

Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov

NArFU is one of Russia's 10 federal universities, North-West Russia's largest research and training center. According to the EDU NEWS portal, NArFU is in the TOP-10 Best Oil Universities in Russia and has the distinction “EXCELLENT QUALITY”, rating “4 stars” from the National Accreditation Center. NArFU programs have international and professional-public accreditation.

Reasons to Study in Arkhangelsk
  • Arkhangelsk is a city with centuries-old traditions, interesting history and culture, the birthplace of the great scientist-encyclopedist Mikhail Lomonosov, the first sea trade port of Russia.
  • Arkhangelsk is a city on the Northern Dvina River, not far from the White Sea, where in winter you can see flashes of the polar lights, and in summer you can enjoy sometimes amazing white nights.
  • Representatives of various nationalities live in Arkhangelsk. Many cultures, traditions, languages - all this makes up the richness and diversity of the Russian North.
  • Arkhangelsk is an open city that is ready to welcome new students from different countries in the best traditions of northern hospitality and warm them with the warmth of its northern character.
Master's Programmes
Energy, Oil and Gas

  • Oil and Gas Engineering (RUS) $3100
  • Technical Machinery and Systems. Operational Engineering of Transport and Technological Machines (RUS) $3100
  • Heat-Power Engineering and Heat Technology (RUS) $3100
  • Electric Power and Electrical Engineering (RUS) $3100
  • Standardization and Metrology (RUS) $3100
Natural Sciences
  • Forestry: "Sustainable Forest Management", "Restoration and Protection of Forests in the European North" (RUS) $3100
  • Ecology and Environmental Management (RUS, ENG) $3100
  • Energy and Resource Saving Processes in Chemical Engineering, Petro-chemistry and Biotechnology "Industrial Biotechnology and Bioengineering" (RUS) $3100
  • Biology: "Applied Psychophysiology", "Biodiversity of the Arctic" (RUS) $3100
  • Landscape Architecture (RUS) $3100
  • Physics "Radiation and Wave Diagnostics of Devices and Materials" (RUS) $3100
  • Chemical Technology: "Chemical Technology of Pulp and Paper Production", "Corrugated cardboard production" (RUS) $3100
Information Technologies
  • Applied Mathematics and Informatics "Lifecycle management of unmanned systems and ensuring their safety" (RUS) $3100
  • Information Systems and technologies "Intelligent Geospatial Data Analysis" (RUS) $3100
  • Applied Informatics "Data analytics in economics" (RUS) $3100
  • Pedagogical Education "Digital Education" (RUS) $3100
  • Biotechnical Systems and Technologies "Intelligent biomedical systems and technologies" (RUS) $3100
  • Sociology (RUS) $3100
  • International Relations (RUS) $3100
  • Pedagogical Education: "Design of educational resources and teaching English in a digital environment", "Instructional Design in Language Education: Chinese as a Foreign Language", "Teaching Russian language and literature" (RUS) $3200
  • Philology (RUS) $3100
  • Linguistics "Translation in international business communications" (RUS) $3100
  • History (RUS) $3100
  • Cultural Studies (RUS) $3100
Pedagogy & Psychology
  • Psychology "Health Psychology" (RUS) $3100
  • Pedagogical Education "Management in Education" (RUS) $3100
  • Pedagogical Education "Management of Physical Sports" (RUS) $3100
  • Special (Defectological) Education "Education for Persons with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders" (RUS) $3100
  • Management "Business Process Management in the Context of Digitalization", "Logistics Systems Management: Production Infrastructure" (RUS) $3100
  • Social Work (RUS) $3100
  • Public and Municipal Administration "Management of Development of Subarctic Territories" (RUS) $3100
  • Law "Contract Law in Public and Private Industries" (RUS) $3100
Bachelor's Programmes
Energy, oil and gas
  • Oil and Gas Engineering (RUS) $2900
  • Heat-Power Engineering and Heat Technology (RUS) $2900
  • Electric Power Engineering and Electric Technology (RUS) $2900
  • Technical Machinery and Systems: Machinery and equipment for oil and gas fields (RUS) $2900
  • Land Management and Registry (RUS) $2900
  • Applied Geology (RUS) $2900
  • Mining (RUS) $2900
  • Management in Technical Systems (RUS) $2900
Engineering Programs
  • Civil Engineering (RUS) $2900
  • Construction of Unique Buildings and Structures (RUS) $2900
  • Technical Machinery and Systems. Engineering technology and equipment for machining industries (RUS) $2900
  • Operation of transport and technological machines and complexes (RUS) $2900
  • Artistic Materials Processing Technology (RUS) $2900
  • Technosphere Safety (RUS) $2900
  • Technology of Timber Harvesting and Wood Processing (RUS) $2900
Natural Sciences
  • Physics (RUS) $2900
  • Fundamental and Applied Chemistry (RUS) $2900
  • Hydrometeorology (RUS) $2900
  • Ecology and Environmental Management (RUS) $2900
· Biology (RUS) $2900
  • Biotechnical Systems and Technology (RUS) $2900
  • Chemical Technology (RUS) $2900
  • Biotechnology (RUS) $2900
  • Nanotechnology and Microsystem Technology (RUS) $2900
  • Forestry (RUS) (RUS) $2900
  • Landscape Architecture. Landscape design (RUS) $2900
  • Pedagogical Education: "Biology and Geography"/ "Biology and Chemistry"/ "Physics and Informatics" (RUS) $2900
  • Energy and Resource Saving Processes in Petrochemistry and Biotechnology (RUS) $2900
  • Aquatic Bioresources and Aquaculture (RUS) $2900
Information Technologies
  • Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (RUS) $2900
  • Informatics and Computer Engineering (RUS) $2900
  • Information Safety (RUS) $2900
  • Automation of Technological Processes and Production (RUS) $2900
  • Pedagogical Education: "Mathematics and Informatics" (RUS) $2900
  • Sociology (RUS) $2900
  • Foreign Regional Studies (RUS) $2900
  • International Relations (RUS) $2900
  • Public Policy and Social Sciences (RUS) $2900
  • Advertisement and Public Relations (RUS) $2900
  • Journalism (RUS) $2900
  • Philology (RUS) $2900
  • Linguistics (RUS) $2900
  • Pedagogical Education: "History and Social Sciences", "Russian Language and Literature", "Russian as a foreign language and English", "Foreign Languages (first and second)" (RUS) $2900
  • Intelligent systems in the humanitarian field (RUS) $2900
  • History (RUS) $2900
  • Philosophy (RUS) $2900
  • Cultural Science (RUS) $2900
Pedagogy & Psychology

  • Psychology (RUS) $2900
  • Occupational Psychology (RUS) $2900
  • Psychological and Pedagogical Education (RUS) $2900
  • Special (Defectological) Education. "Speech therapy", "Special Psychology" (RUS) $2900
  • Pedagogics and Psychology of Deviant Behavior (RUS) $2900
  • Physical Education and Sport (RUS) $2900
  • Pedagogical Education "Primary Education and Foreign Language", "Physical Training and Health and Safety Training" (RUS) $2900

  • Economics and Management: Economics, Management, Public and Municipal Administration, Business Informatics (RUS) $2900
  • Economic Security (RUS) $2900
  • Social Work (RUS) $2900
  • Organization of Work with Youth (RUS) $2900
  • Law (RUS) $2900
  • Judicial and Prosecutorial Activities (RUS) $2900
Pre-University Course
Preparatory Russian language course
Duration 10 month. Tuition fee $1650

The Northern Arctic Federal University is glad to offer foreign students who are seeking to study at a Russian university, but in need of additional training to improve their Russian language skills, a one-year foundation program at NArFU Preparatory Department! The programme includes:

Intensive Russian Language Course.

Variety of subjects such as technology and engineering, humanities, science, and economics.

Four profiles:
- Pedagogics and Humanities
- Technical and Engineering
- Natural Sciences
- Economics
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Why Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov?
350+ in-demand specialties
will allow you to get the profession of the future (IT, biotechnology, oil and gas, engineering);
Quality education and career prospects
NArFU graduates in large Russian and International companies (Gazprom, Rosneft, Eriell, Yandex, Intel, etc.)
Support system for foreign students at the university
scholarship for talented students from the Government of the Russian Federation, adaptation activities and tutor support, international office
Open opportunities for students to realize
international office, orientation period and tutor support for the newcomers;
Active student life
scientific projects, internships, continuing education programs and unique sea expeditions to the Arctic;
Comfortable and safe student city
Favorable location: a small, hospitable, safe city conducive to studying and can surprise you with the beauty of northern nature
Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov
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Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov

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