Kuban State Agrarian University
Kuban State Agrarian University is one of the leaders in higher agricultural education in Russia, the largest center of science, education and innovation. More than 16 thousand students from 56 countries of the world and three continents: Eurasia, Africa and South America study at 18 faculties. There are 20 dormitories, 20 academic buildings on the single territory of the campus for comfortable learning and living. The university, covering an area of 174 hectares, is located in the city of Krasnodar, the region where the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games will be held near the Black and Azov Seas.
  • The high level of education at the university, affordable prices, favorable climate, and the beautiful nature of the South of Russia make our university attractive to young people from all over the world.Kuban GAU today:
  • 22 educational and educational-laboratory buildings;
  • 20 student residences with free Wi-Fi connection;
  • Botanical Garden. I. S. Kosenko with an area of about 50 hectares;
  • Two research institutes; Krasnodar Regional Institute of Agribusiness;
  • Two highly profitable educational and experimental farms "Kuban" and "Krasnodar";
  • Library with more than 1 million books;
  • Student polyclinic;
  • The largest sports complex in the region with a football field, swimming pool, basketball, volleyball, handball courts;
  • Internet center, Wi-Fi in buildings, dormitories, and on the territory of the university Recreation center "Krinitsa" on the Black Sea coast.
      Preparatory department for foreign citizens
      Tuition fees for the 2021/2022 academic year:
      1 year of study - 115,000 rubles,
      1.5 years - 160,000 rubles.
      Pre-university program
      Training profiles:
      • biomedical
      • technical
      • natural science
      • economic
        Teachers of the Preparatory Department have many years of experience working with foreigners, not only at the initial but also at the advanced stage. This allows you to form both groups for learning the Russian language from the zero level, and groups of students who need a corrective course. Many teachers and staff speak foreign languages, which allows you to establish contact with students from the first days of their stay in Russia.

        Bachelor's degree, specialist's degree
        The term of study for undergraduate programs is 4 years
        Specialist programs - 5 years
        Full-time form of education
        Biological Sciences
        05.03.06 Ecology and nature management - 140 400 RUB
        03.19.02 Food products from vegetable raw materials - 140 400 RUB
        35.03.03 Agrochemistry and soil science - 140 400 RUB
        35.03.04 Agronomy (Plant protection) - 140 400 RUB
        03.35.04 Agronomy (Breeding and genetics of agricultural crops;Technologies for the production of crop products) - 140,400 RUB
        35.03.05 Gardening - 140 400 RUB
        35.03.07 Technology of production and processing of agricultural products - 140,400 RUB
        36.03.01 Veterinary and sanitary examination - 140 400 RUB
        36.03.02 Zootechnics - 140 400 RUB


        36.05.01 Veterinary - 140 400 RUB

        Engineering Sciences
        08.03.01 Construction - 140 400 RUB
        09.03.02 Information systems and technologies - 140 400 RUB
        09.03.03 Applied informatics - 140 400 RUB
        20.03.02 Environmental management and water use - 140,400 RUB
        21.03.02 Land management and cadastres - 171,000 RUB
        35.03.06 Agroengineering (Technical systems in agribusiness) - 140,400 RUB
        35.03.06 Agricultural engineering (Electrical equipment and electrical technologies) - 140,400 RUB

        08.05.01 Construction of unique buildings and structures - 140,400 RUB

        Humanitarian sciences
        38.03.01 Economics (Digital economy) - 135,000 RUB
        38.03.01 Economics (Accounting, analysis and audit; Business intelligence) - 135,000 RUB
        38.03.01 Economics (Finance and credit) - 135,000 RUB
        38.03.01 Economics (Economics of enterprises and organizations) - 135,000 RUB
        38.03.02 Management - 135 000 RUB
        38.03.04 State and municipal administration - 135,000 RUB
        38.03.05 Business informatics - 135 000 RUB
        40.03.01 Jurisprudence - 142 800 RUB

        Master's degree
        Duration of study - 2 years
        Full-time form of education

        Biological Sciences
        05.04.06 Ecology and nature management - 149 400 RUB
        04.19.02 Food products from vegetable raw materials (Biotechnology of food products from vegetable raw materials) - 149,400 RUB
        04.19.02 Food products from vegetable raw materials (Innovative technologies of food products from vegetable raw materials) - 149,400 RUB
        35.04.03 Agrochemistry and soil science - 149,400 RUB
        04.35.04 Agronomy (Genetics and selection in crop production) - 149,400 RUB
        04.35.04 Agronomy (Agrotechnology; Agriculture; Breeding and seed production) - 149,400 RUB
        35.04.04 Agronomy (Protection and quarantine of plants) - 149,400 RUB
        35.04.05 Gardening - 149 400 RUB
        36.04.01 Veterinary and sanitary examination - 149,400 RUB
        36.04.02 Zootechnics (Genetics and breeding in animal husbandry) - 149,400 RUB
        36.04.02 Zootechnics (Private animal husbandry, livestock production technology) - 149,400 RUB

        Engineering Sciences
        08.04.01 Construction - 149 400 RUB
        09.04.02 Information systems and technologies - 149 400 RUB
        04.09.03 Applied informatics - 149 400 RUB
        20.04.02 Environmental management and water use - 149,400 RUB
        21.04.02 Land management and cadastres - 182,400 RUB
        35.04.06 Agroengineering (Technologies and means of agricultural mechanization) - 149,400 RUB
        35.04.06 Agroengineering (Electrical technologies and electrical equipment) - 149,400 RUB

        Humanitarian sciences
        04.38.01 Economics (Accounting, analysis and audit) - 130 800 RUB
        04.38.01 Economics (Economics of the company and industry markets) - 130,800 RUB
        04.38.01 Economics (Digital economy in the agro-industrial complex) - 130,800 RUB
        38.04.02 Management (Project management) - 130 800 RUB
        04.38.02 Management (Management of the organization) - 130 800 RUB 38.04.02 Management (Agrarian management) - 130 800 RUB
        04.38.04 State and municipal administration (Management of the integrated development of rural areas) - 130,800 RUB
        38.04.08 Finance and credit - 130 800 RUB
        40.04.01 Jurisprudence - 130 800 RUB

        *The tuition fee for the 2022/23 academic year will be available from March 2022 on the website of the Kuban State Agrarian University kubsau.ru
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        Foreign applicants have the right to study both on a commercial basis (for a fee) and at the expense of the budgetary allocations of the Federal Budget of the Russian Federation (free of charge) in accordance with:

        • Agreements and other international treaties of the Russian Federation;
        • The budget quota established by the Government of the Russian Federation (Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of October 8, 2013 No. 891);
        • Federal Law No. 99-FZ of May 24, 1999 "On the State Policy of the Russian Federation in Relation to Compatriots Abroad
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              Why students choose Kuban State Agrarian University
              Leader of higher education in Russia
              Over 16,000 students from 55 countries
              The largest university in the South of Russia with an area of 174 hectares
              High quality education and affordable tuition
              Vibrant student life
              Comfortable hostels
              A few words about Krasnodar
              airlinesKrasnodar is the largest industrial, transport, trade, scientific and cultural center of the south of Russia. Krasnodar is located not far from two warm seas and occupies an advantageous economic and geographical position. Krasnodar is well connected by air lines with many states.
              185 sunny days a year. 100 nationalities.
              Top 10 regions of the Russian Federation in terms of quality of life.
              1,347 km - remoteness from Moscow.
              2 hours 20 minutes - flight from Krasnodar to Moscow by plane.
              -3 ℃ is the average temperature in winter.
              +30 ℃ is the average temperature in summer.

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