Vyatka State University
Country: Russia
Education in languages: Russian, English
Vyatka State University
Vyatka State university – If you think that your future career and success are important if you are interested in creating something new and bringing to life your ideas – we are waiting for you at the Vyatka State University (VyatSU). The university combines experience and high quality of classical Russian higher education with new experimental formats and project work. In VyatSU you will certainly be interested in studying, while the knowledge and experience you receive will become a foundation for your future career.
The city of Kirov, where the university is located, is quiet, safe, has a high level of medical care, culture, and sport. The cost of living is significantly lower compared to the capital.
List of educational programs: MASTER DEGREES with prices
Engineering programs
  • Technosphere safety 1400$
  • Construction 1600$ - Construction (in English) 1700$
  • Thermal energetics and thermal engineering 1600$
  • Electrical energetics and electrical engineering 1600$
  • Mechanical engineering 1600$
  • Chemical technology 1600$
  • Energy and resource saving processes in chemical technologies, petrochemistry and biotechnology 1600$
  • Energy and resource saving processes in chemical technologies, petrochemistry and biotechnology (in English) 1700$
  • Biotechnology 1600$
  • Material science and technology of materials 1600$
  • Management in technical systems 1600$
Informational technology, programming and mathematics
  • Applied Mathematics and Informatics 1400$
  • Mathematics and Computer Science 1400$
  • Informatics and computer technologies 1600$
  • Information systems and technologies 1600$
  • Applied informatics 1600$
  • Infocommunication technology and communication systems 1600$
Economics and Management
  • Economy 1400$
  • Management 1400$
  • Management (in English) 1700$
  • State and municipal administration 1400$
  • Trade business 1400$
  • Finance and credit 1400$
  • Science-intensive technologies and economics of innovations 1600$
Humanitarian sciences
  • Psychology 1400$
  • Sociology 1400$
  • Social work 1400$
  • Advertising and public relations 1400$
  • Philology 1400$
  • Linguistics 1400$
  • History 1400$
  • Philosophy 1400$
  • Culturology 1400$
Natural Sciences
  • Physics 1600$
  • Chemistry 1600$
  • Geography 1600$
  • Ecology and nature management 1600$
  • Biology 1600$
List of educational programs: POSTGRADUATE COURSES with prices
  • Education and pedagogical sciences 1 400 $
  • Chemistry 1 500$
  • Biological sciences 1 500$
  • Construction and architecture 1 500$
  • Informatics and computer technology 1500$
  • Electro- and thermal technology 1 500$
  • Mechanical engineering 1 500$
  • Chemical technology 1 500 $
  • Economy 1 500 $
  • Philology 1 500 $
    Preparatory Faculty
    Pre-university preparation – the study of Russian language and specialized subject for subsequent admission to universities in Russia for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs.

    Price : 1000 – 1300 $
    Vyatka State University is pleased to welcome foreign students. If you have any questions about study opportunities at our university or programs, use the buttons below to ask your question.

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    Admission procedure
    Apply online in free form
    Send an application in free form to zhn_merkulova@vyatsu.ru or to WhatsApp/Viber +7-912-721-16-93, indicate the field of study for which you plan to apply.

    Sign the contract
    You will be contacted to draw up a training agreement; you only need a scan of your foreign passport..
    Make a prepayment
    Sign the contract and make a prepayment of 30% of the cost using an individual link
    Get an entry invitation from VyatSU
    We will save your time and send you an invitation directly to your email. The waiting time for an invitation – 30 working days.
    Contact the Russian consulate in your country to apply for a visa
    Legalize your documents through the embassy for the opportunity to study in Russia. Pay the visa fee at the embassy. Prepare for the flight
    Notify us about your arrival to Russia
    Inform VyatSU about obtaining a visa and the date of arrival at least 5 days before arrival. Our staff will meet you at the airport or railway station in Kirov.
    Start studying at Vyatka State University
    Training at the preparatory faculty begins in two streams:
    • first stream – begins in March
    • second stream – begins in October

    But you can apply all year round!
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    Why do students choose
    Vyatka State University?
    Affordable European education
    VyatSU – is the largest university in the Kirov region with a wide range of educational programs (including master's) in Russian and English. Almost 20 000 students from 27 countries have already chosen us to get education in the most demanded specialties.
    Developed city, comfortable for life
    Kirov – calm and safe city with excellent infrastructure. There is where to relax and play sports, well-developed medicine, affordable prices for food and accommodation on campus, a favorable European climate.
    Comfortable campus
    VyatSU provides all foreign students with a comfortable hostel near educational buildings (the cost of stay is less than 10$ per month) ..
    Cost of education
    VyatSU offers affordable tuition fees while guaranteeing high level of training.
    Preparatory department
    In 1 year you will be taught not only to speak Russian but also strengthen your knowledge in the area in which you would like to become a professional. For those who have not decided on the direction of study, we will organize excursions and help with the choice..
    Opportunities for self-realization
    Science, art, sport, culture, music – you will find and opportunity for your own development in any area. VyatSU has many platforms for self-realization – coworking spaces, scientific laboratories, sports ground and gyms, a swimming pool and a health center.
    Vyatka State University
    Join us! Get a quality education and become sucessful!
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