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University of Nottingham Malaysia
The University of Nottingham Malaysia (UNM) offers a world-class British education which is ranked among the top 100 universities worldwide.*
UNM opened in September 2000 and became the first British university to set up a campus both outside of the UK, in Malaysia and China.
Our programmes are identical to those offered at The University of Nottingham in the UK and follow the same quality assurance processes, and students are awarded University of Nottingham degree certificates when they complete their course.
Foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate taught and research courses at UNM are taught within 18 schools and departments across the faculties of Arts and Social Sciences and Science and Engineering. Our graduates are highly sought after, about 90% employed or in further study six months after graduation* – one of the highest graduate employment rates in Malaysia. The University of Nottingham is proud of its international reputation for world changing research, a reputation which extends across all of our campuses. We were rated No. 8 for research power in the latest Research Excellence Framework.
*2021 QS World University Rankings.
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Foundation Programs
Duration of study: 2-3 semesters
Fees per semester

Foundation in Arts & Education USD 2,300

Foundation in Business & Management USD 2,300

Foundation in Engineering USD 2,710

Foundation in Science USD 2,570
Bachelor's Programs
Duration of study: 3-4 year
Fees: per year

BSc Applied Psychology and Management USD 11,020
BSc Business Economics/Finance/ Management/ Accounting/ International Business USD 11,020
BA English Language & Literature/ TESOL in Education USD 8,130
BA International Communication Studies USD 10,190
BA Liberal Arts USD 8,130
BA International Relations USD 10,1710
BSc Mathematic and Management USD 11,020
MEng/Beng Chemical Engineering / Civil Engineering/ Mechatronic Engineering/ Mechanical Engineering USD 13,440
BSc Biomedical Sciences/ Biotechnology USD 12,830
BSc Computer Science/ AI/ Software/ USD 11,140
BSc Environmental Science USD 11,140
BSc Nutrition USD 11,130
BSc Psychology USD 11,140
BSc Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience USD 11,140
BSc Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences USD 12,830
Mpharm Pharmacy USD 14,046 (Year 1 & 2 in Malaysia), USD 29,980 (Year 3& 4 in UK)
Master's Programs
Duration: 1 year

Areas of study:
Business, Finance, Management Media, Communications and Cultures
Education/ Educational Leadership
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
International Relations
Occupational Health and Safety Leadership
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Postgraduate Research Programs
Duration: 1-4 years'
Fees: per year

MPhil/PhD Applied Psychology USD 10,150
PhD Business and Management USD 10,150
PhD Economics USD 10,150
MPhil/PhD Education USD 10,150
MPhil/PhD English USD 10,150
MPhil/MRes Political, History, Develoment and International Relations USD 10,150
PhD Political, History, Develoment and International Relations USD 10,150
MRes/PhD Media Language and Cultures USD 10,150
MPhil/PhD Engineering USD 12,860
MPhil/PhD Biomedical Sciences USD 13,850 - 17,580
MPhil/MRes/PhD Biosciences USD 13,850 - 17,580
Mphil/PhD Computer Science USD 12,250
MPhil/MRes/PhD Environmental and Geographical Sciences USD 13,850
MRes/MPhil/PhD Psychology USD 12,250
MPhil/PhD Pharmacy USD 17,580 - 19,320
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