Vernadsky Crimean Federal University
Languages of studies: Russian, English
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Crimean Federal University

Vernadsky Crimean Federal University is a higher education institution of rich, century-long history with a vast network of academic and research facilities. The university has about 7,000 members of staff and over 32,000 students, including about 3,000 international students from more than 50 countries.Today, the university carries on a variety of educational, teaching, research, and training activities which enable its students to acquire and develop a broad range of knowledge and skills in an array of fields, including science, art, humanities, medicine and many others. VCFU is located in Simferopol, the capital of Crimea. Crimea is a beautiful peninsular in the South of Russia, surrounded by the Black Sea. The climat of the region is warm and mild.
Master's Programs
Technical Sciences
Construction 2400 $
Mathematics 2170 $
Urban Planning 2400 $
Applied Informatics 2400 $
Applied Mathematics 2170 $
Applied Mathematics and Informatics 2170 $
Electric Power & Electrical Engineering 2400 $
Informatics and Computer Engineering 2400 $
Management, Business, Tourism
Tourism 2150 $
Economics 2150 $
Management 2150 $
Trade Business 2150 $
Political Science 2150 $
Finance and Credit 2150 $
Business-informatics 2150 $
Human Resources Management 2150 $
State and Minucipial Government 2150 $
Humanities and Natural Sciences
Biology 2400 $
Philology 2150 $
Chemistry 2400 $
Philosophy 2400 $
Geography 2400 $
Jurisprudence 2400 $
Historical Science 2150 $
Pedagogical Education 2150 $
Psycho-Pedagogical Education 2150 $
Ecology & Environmental Management 2400 $
Agro, Vet, Forest, Food
Forestry 2050 $
Agronomy 2050 $
Gardening 2050 $
Agro-engineering 2050 $
Landscape Architecture 2050 $
Land Management and Cadastre 2400 $
Food Products from Animal Origin 2400 $
Food from Vegetable Raw Materials 2400 $
Environmental Management & Water Use 2400 $
Printing Technology, Package Production 2400 $
Design 4100 $
Vocal Art 4100 $
Conducting 4100 $
Folk Singing Art 4100 $
Choreographic Art 4100 $
Musical and Instrumental Art 4100 $
Arts and Crafts and Folk Crafts 4100 $
Musicology and Arts and Crafts 4100 $
Postgraduate Research Degree
Technical and Natural Sciences
Architecture 2300 $
Earth Sciences 2300 $
Chemical Sciences 2300 $
Biological Sciences 2300 $
Technosperic Safety 2300 $
Physics and Astronomy 2300 $
Mathematics and Mechanics 2300 $
Geology, Exploration and Mining 2300 $
Computer and Information Science 2300 $
Engineering & Technology of Construction 2300 $
Economics 2300 $
Culturology 3400 $
Jurisprudence 2300 $
Clinical Medicine 3400 $
Psychological Sciences 2300 $
Linguistics and Literary Criticism 2300 $
Historical Sciences and Archeology 2300 $
Education and Pedagogical Sciences 2300 $
Political Sciences and Regional Studies 2300 $
Philosophy, Ethics and Religional Studies 2300 $

Agro, Vet, Forest, Food
Agriculture 2300 $
Technologies, Facilities of Mechanization and Power Equipment in Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries 2300 $
Veterinary and Zootechnics 2300 $
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Admission procedure
Submit Application on-line
Admission manager will contact you to choose the best option at relevant university. You will receive Admission letter in 1-2 days.
Sign Agreement and pay Registration fee $250
Admission manager will send you Agreement and Invoice for 250 US Dollars (includes Invitation cost and courier charges to deliver it to you). You can pay Online, via Bank transfer or by Western Union. You must sign Agreement and send PDF copy to us.
Wait for Official Invitation
Invitation for study visa will be issued and send to you by courier. Issuing time: 40 days for Russian University, 10 days for Ukrainian university.
Apply for a Student Visa
Apply for a visa at nearest Russian/Ukrainian/Belarus Embassy. Legalize your Educational documents at Embassy. Pay Visa fee at Embassy.
Pay the fees.
After you get visa you have to pay: Admission fee $700, Airport pick up $100-200, Tuition fee and Hostel fee for 1 year (According to the Agreement).
Prepare your flight
EEUA representive will assist you to buy your ticket to Moscow / Kiev / Minsk. Yoou send us copy of your ticket in 5 days before arrival.
We will inform Border Police about your arrival and our representative will meet you in airport and transfer you to university.
Registration at University
and final payment
EEUA Local manager will register you at University and check you in at hostel (dormitory). EEUA Local manager will support you during all period of study.
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Vernadsky Crimean Federal University
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Vernadsky Crimean Federal University
Prospekt Vernadskogo 4 , Simferopol, Republic of Crimea, 295007
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