Ural State University of Economics
Languages of studies: Russian
Ural State University of Economics
Ural State University of Economics is one of the leading economic universities in Russia. It is a powerful, modern, scientific and educational center. More than 15 000 students are studied there. The main task of university is international relationship. There are 1100 foreign students from 60 countries in the USUE.
The University includes four institutes: the Institute of Economics, the Institute of Finance and Law, the Institute of Trade, Food Technologies, and Service, and the Institute of Management and InformationTechnologies and pre-university faculty.
Each audiences have modern technology and library fund. USUE provides students by cozy rooms in the dormitory at a reasonable price.
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Preparatory faculty
for foreign citizens
Tuition fee (USD per year)
  • Economic program (Russian language, mathematics, history, social studies) - 1651 USD
  • Medical and Biological program (Russian language, terminology, biology, chemistry) 1849 USD
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical program (admission with availability of study in Saint Petersburg State Chemical Pharmaceutical University) — 1849 USD
  • Engineering and Technical program (Russian language, mathematics, informatics, terminology, physics) — 1717 USD
  • Liberal arts (Russian language, literature, history, social studies) — 1717 USD
  • Culture, art, creation / Theatre and Artistic program / (Russian language, literature, history, country study) — 1717 USD
  • Natural science program (Russian language, mathematics, physics, chemistry) — 1717 USD
  • English language — 1189 USD, online learning
  • English and Russian languages course — 1452 USD, online learning
Tuition fee (USD per year)
  • Production Management Automation Systems 2135 $
  • Information Technology Management 1855 $ Digital Business 1855 $
  • Commerce 1855 $
  • Logistics 1855 $
  • Civil law 1855 $
  • Commercial Law 1855 $
  • Digital Economy Law 1855 $
  • Tourism 1855 $
  • Hotel and Restaurant Business 1855 $
Tuition fee (USD per year)
  • Corporate Informational Systems 2267$
  • Organization of Production and Service at Public Catering Facilities 2267$
  • Quality and Competitiveness Management 1103$
  • Foreign Economic Activity of Enterprise and Customs Regulation 1103$
  • Corporate Business in Global and National Economies 1985$
  • Financial Monitoring and Risk
  • Management 1103$
  • Economic Security of State and Business 1985$
  • Marketing and Branding 1985$
  • Digital Business Analysis 1103$
  • Commodity Consulting and Expertise in Domestic and Foreign Trade 1103$

Training programs in English:
  • International business
  • Management in the tourism and hospitality industry
Post graduate degree
Tuition fee (USD per year)
  • Analytical Chemistry 2450$
  • Technology and Comodity Research of Functional and Special Purpose Food Products in Catering 2450$
  • Economics and National Economics Management 2341$
  • World Economics 2341$
  • Finance, Currency and Loan 2341$
  • Accounting and Statistics 2341$
  • Mathematical and Instrumental Methods of Economics 2341$
Ural State University of Economics welcomes all foreign students. If you want to learn more about our education programs, admission procedure, or have other questions please contact us!

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Admission procedure
The registration will start on the 19th of June on usue.ru site.
Wait for button with inscription «Submit documents online».
Applicant should indicate own email address and password there.
Fill in the gaps containing common information in your account section on our site.
After registration in the account section you can stick necessary photos or scans of documents and establish connect with selection committee.
You should provide an original school document personally when you arrive to study, in case of enrollment in the university.

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Why study at
Ural State University of Economics
Ural State University of Economics (USUE) is the best University in Ural region.
Currently USUE is a member of several international and regional associations.
After ending of Preparatory Faculty, you can continuous training on general education programs in USUE.
USUE is number 1 in the organization of research work among students of Russian universities.
Suitable conditions of residence in student's dormitory at reasonable price (gym, laundry room, wi-fi, cafe etc.)
Foreign students make yourself at home in USUE. They are surrounded by care and attention from the first day of arrival.
Ural State University of Economics
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